Iron Man Armor MK VI (Earth-199999).jpg
Official Name
Mark VI Armor
Current owner
Physical Characteristics
Upgraded version of the Iron Man MK IV armor
Lead Designer
Place of Creation
Creators and Appearances
First Appearance
Iron Man 2
(April 28, 2010)


The sixth generation Iron Man armor was constructed in the wake of heavy damage sustained to the fourth and fifth generation Iron Man armors.

The Mark VI suit first saw battle against a small force of robot drones and the remotely controlled War Machine armor, before being worn in battle against Ivan Vanko in a battlesuit of his own.[1]

It later sustained moderate damage in a battle with Thor, and was then ravaged by multiple collisions with a S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier fan. Despite this, the MK VI Iron Man suit was intact enough to continue limited service with a little repair work, although significantly impaired. It was retired shortly thereafter, being replaced by its successor, the MK VII.[2]

The armor was destroyed, along with the original Hall of Armor, when Stark's Malibu Mansion was attacked by A.I.M..[3]


Unlike previous versions, this Iron Man Armor features a more advanced and powerful arc reactor. It employs the same repulsors and anti-personnel cannon as the MK IV, but it features a triangular aperture in the plastron, armor piercing grenades (instead of the MK III's rockets), and hand-mounted single-use lasers. These lasers were eventually upgraded for more sustained use prior to the MK VI being retired.[1]


  • Promotional art featuring the MK VI showcased it with a similar paint job as MK IV.[4][5]


  • According to Tony, the suit's core tastes like "coconut and metal".

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