The Iron Man Armor MK XLIII was Tony Stark's forty-third Iron Man suit, and it was the first armor created some time after the battle on the Norco. It was first seen when the Avengers attacked the Hydra base in Sokovia.

The suit was ultimately replaced by the MK XLV.[1]

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The MK XLIII appears to be a fully finished version of the MK XLII, it is comprised of separate pieces, apparently with individual battery units, that can fly to a designated humanoid target and form a suit around such a body. It is controlled from state-of-art chips implanted in Stark's left forearm, allowing him to mentally direct the pieces. Stark commonly uses hand gestures to help guide the modules.

When the pieces latch onto a target body, the solid plates extend articulated pieces that reach out to latch with the adjoining component piece; for example a rerebrace and gauntlet will jointly create the elbow connection between them.

  • Repulsors: It can assist Stark during flight operations and provide lift. It can also be used to fire highly-charged and high-density beams.
  • Infra-Red Scan: It is also used in assisting Stark to see behind the walls of the HYDRA Research Base in Sokovia and to locate Loki's Sceptre.
  • Shoulder Mini-Gun Pod: Like other armors, it is also armed with a miniaturized weapons system located below the shoulder plates that can fire twelve shots at a time, six from each shoulder. It is assisted by a computer guiding system to fire at multiple individual enemies.
  • Anti-Armor Tank Missile: The armor is equipped with missiles that is hidden in its forearm gauntlet. It is used to destroy Ultron's body in South Africa.

The MK XLIII serves as a core unit for another Iron Man armor, the Iron Man MK XLIV (Hulkbuster Armor).

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