This suit of armor was designed by Tony Stark for his fiancée Pepper Potts sometime after getting together following a short-lived break up. He conceived it was an anniversary gift for posterity, but Pepper never wore it.

When Tony retired following The Decimation, the Rescue Armor was kept in storage at the cabin in the woods where Tony and Pepper moved after marrying. The armor remained unused for the following five years. At one point, Tony and Pepper's daughter Morgan snuck into Tony's workshop and retrieved the suit's helmet to role-play.

After the Avengers Compound was destroyed by Thanos, Pepper, wearing the Rescue Armor, was one of the many to join the Avengers in combat, using various features of the armor to fight both on her own and in tandem with her husband.[1]



The Rescue Armor is the first armor Tony Stark designed specifically for Pepper, though she has worn at least one of his other suits in the past.[1]

Offensive Powers

The armor possesses the default offensive capabilities of a regular Iron Man armor, namely increased strength, repulsor rays and unibeam. The strength enhancement allowed Pepper to fairly combat powerful foes during the fight against Thanos' army. The most prominent feature of the suit was detachable drone stored in the armor's back that comprise an array of modular panels capable of releasing powerful repulsor blasts.[1]

Defensive Powers

This armor is capable of generating various forms of nanotech shields for protection.[1]


  • This suit is an adaptation of the Rescue Armor, and it's ostensibly inspired by the suit as it appeared in the animated show Iron Man: Armored Adventures.
  • Before the release of Avengers: Endgame, a suit between MKs XLVII and MK L was unaccounted for, and the numeric designation of the Hulkbuster 2.0 was unknown. Following the release of the movie, merchandise of Rescue showed that the suit sported "0049" painted in the back, and designer Phil Saunders confirmed that Rescue was indeed the Iron Man Armor MK XLIX.[2]

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