This armor was built by Tony Stark some time after his fallout with Captain America. It appeared to be almost entirely similar to the Iron Man Armor MK XLVI, aside from the use of two-toned silver painting in the lower torso, upper arms, and upper thighs.

When Spider-Man plummeted into a river tangled in a parachute deployed by his suit following a brief confrontation against the airborne Adrian Toomes, Tony had the remotely-controlled MK XLVII rescue him. The suit returned to Stark's base in autopilot mode once Tony disconnected from the armor after scolding Spider-Man and ordering him not to pursue Toomes.

When a Chitauri-based weapon went haywire and split a Staten Island ferry in two during an ensuing confrontation between Spider-Man and Toomes, Stark flew to the scene equipped with the MK XLVII in order prevent a tragedy. He deployed miniature repulsor thrusters on the sides of the boat and used the armor's laser to crudely weld together the two halves, thus keeping the boat steady long enough until it could be evacuated. He subsequently spoke privately with Spider-Man, and stepped out of his armor to chastise him.[1]


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