This suit was created by Tony Stark some point after the Battle for Sokovia, it was first seen being used when he tried to apprehend Captain America and other rogue heroes at the Leipzig/Halle Airport in Germany. During the ensuing battle, the suit suffered minor damage after a miniaturized Ant-Man got into the suit and began to randomly tear components apart.

The suit was then deployed when Iron Man flew to Siberia in order to help Captain America and the Winter Soldier confront Helmut Zemo. Iron Man turned against his allies when Zemo revealed to him that the Winter Soldier had been responsible for his parents' death in 1991, fueled by rage both because of said discovery and because Captain America had known all along about the Starks' fate but had decided to remain silent. The Winter Soldier damaged the armor's right repulsor, and Captain America busted the suit's right boot, in an attempt at destabilizing Iron Man's flight capabilities.

As the battle escalated, the Winter Soldier attempted to rip off the arc reactor from the armor's chest before being knocked out. Captain America eventually took advantage of said inflicted damage and impaired the suit's power source after hitting it with the side of his shield. He then escaped with the Winter Soldier after leaving Iron Man hindered.[1]


Rapid Deployment: The MK XLVI Iron Man is capable of partial or full deployment onto its wearer at a comparatively high rate when compared to its predecessors. Mounted in a suitable storage receptacle, the deployment can start from a simple finger press of a button, which locks on the associated gauntlet followed by the rest of the Iron Man suit within scant seconds. Once donned, the helmet assembly is also capable of quick retraction and re-engagement, effectively snapping on or off in a second.

Repulsors: Iron Man's primary mode of attack, and flight part of the flight control and propulsion system, are mounted in the palms of the gauntlets, the soles of the boots, and in the centrally mounted chest aperture.

Unibeam: Another of the primary features, it is shot from the suit chest's reactor. It is powerful to shoot the Winter Soldier's bionic arm off with a single burst

IEM Projectiles: It is fired from the forearm is capable of neutralizing the electrical system of an object.

Manacle launcher: The MK XLVI Iron Man is equipped with a projectile launcher that fires a self-locking shackle that effectively combines the effects of bolas and handcuffs into a single targeted projectile. This system is arm-mounted, and appears to be a single-shot device with the shackles themselves being strong enough to restrain Steven Rogers.

Mini-missile launcher: This suit has six mini-missile launchers on each shoulder, along with one on the back of each gauntlet.

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