The Iron Man armor is the seventeenth Iron Man suit created by Tony Stark was an artillery-level RT suit nicknamed "Heartbreaker". It has an oversized chest RT, which can fire powerful repulsor blasts. The Repulsor Technology input allows it to fire narrow or wide beams and generate a repulsor shield for protection.[1]

Iron Man Armor MK XVII (Earth-199999) from Iron Man 3 (film) 002.jpg

The Heartbreaker suit was among those summoned by Stark to battle Extremis-enhanced soldiers assisting in Aldrich Killian's plot. It was controlled at the time by Stark's A.I. program, J.A.R.V.I.S.. The Iron Man suits were all configured for Stark's use only, however, and James Rhodes, unable to don one himself, was relegated to reluctantly accepting a ride from the Heartbreaker. As it carried him aloft, an Extremis soldier latched onto its back, causing it to lose its hold on Rhodes and veer away into the battle. The Heartbreaker suit was subsequently destroyed, along with all the other Iron Man suits present.[2]


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