The sixteenth Iron Man suit created by Tony Stark was a Stealth Armor nicknamed "Nightclub". Similar to Sneaky, this suit was virtually invisible to enemy early-warning systems, but didn't have as much weaponry, as it was designed for pure stealth missions instead of direct combat.[1]

Anthony Stark (Earth-199999) with Iron Man Armor MK XVI (Earth-199999) from Iron Man 3 (film) 001.jpg

The Nightclub suit responded to Stark's call for reinforcements against Aldrich Killian's Extremis-enhanced soldiers assisting in Killian's fake terror plot against the United States; it was worn by Stark briefly against Killian himself during the battle. The Nightclub armor proved capable of going hand-to-hand against Killian, but Killian's counter-attacks tore away pieces of the suit, forcing Stark to expel himself from the suit before Killian punched through its torso.[2]


  • In the movie, MK XVI had a different color scheme compared to its original jet black design. Instead it had a red and gold color scheme.[3] This may imply that it could have been an error, or a customization to the director's desire while making the film.

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