The Midas was the twenty-first Iron Man suit created by Tony Stark, and one of the many armors he developed after the battle for New York against Loki and the Chitauri. The attack had left him with the feeling that the world couldn't be safe for long, and that he needed to build more suits until the next time Earth was in danger.

The Midas suit was among those summoned by Stark to battle Extremis-enhanced soldiers assisting Aldrich Killian's plot. It was controlled at the time by Stark's A.I. program, J.A.R.V.I.S.. This armor was destroyed, either by Extremis soldiers or Stark's "Clean Slate" protocol, which blew up the remaining suits to symbolize to Pepper Potts that his creations would no longer be a distraction or a priority.[1]


A suit made for high-altitude flight, apparently composed entirely of gold, as its nickname suggests.

Alternate Reality Versions

Image Description Issue
Iron Man Armor MK XXI (Earth-199999) from Marvel Super Hero Squad Online 001 In Earth-91119, Tony Stark dresses for success, and the gold-plated Mk 21 'Midas' Armor is his sharpest designer suit![2] Marvel Super Hero Squad Online


The suit's nickname is a homage to King Midas, who in Greek mythology had the ability to turn everything he touched into gold.


  • J.A.R.V.I.S.'s original color scheme of MK III perfectly matched MK XXI.[3]

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