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The thirty-third Iron Man suit created by Tony Stark was an enhanced energy suit nicknamed "the Silver Centurion". It has a slight protective force field, which allows the suit to attract or repulse objects using its magnetic polarity. The suit is also capable of firing pulse cannons that build in intensity the further they travel.[1]

The Silver Centurion suit was among those summoned by Stark to battle Extremis-enhanced soldiers assisting Aldrich Killian's plot. Initially delivered to the battle by Stark's AI program J.A.R.V.I.S., the Silver Centurion became the first of the Iron Man armor suits that Stark used against the assembled Extremis force.

Anthony Stark (Earth-199999) with Iron Man Armor MK XXXIII (Earth-199999) from Iron Man 3 (film) 002.jpg

When Stark attempted to rescue Pepper Potts, Killian ripped the front of the Silver Centurion's breastplate out in a surprise attack, before superheating the upper abdominal plating. Stark then unsheathed a hidden blade from a gauntlet to ward off a blow. The heavily damaged Silver Centurion gave him some trouble as it failed to properly release him, forcing him to squirm and kick to get clear of it.

The Silver Centurion was left inoperable on the ground, and it remains unclear whether it was destroyed during the battle, or whether the suit was able to self-destruct later when Stark activated his "Clean Slate" protocol.[2]


The Iron Man Armor MK XXXIII saves more energy than any other Iron Man suits. It has hidden blades in the arm that can be used in battles.


Iron Man Armor MK XXXIII (Earth-199999) 001.jpg

  • This armor was first revealed in the application Iron Man 3: Armor Unlock for the official Iron Man 3 Facebook page, in which a participant has to correctly answer sets of questions about the cinematic version of Iron Man in order to unlock exclusive looks of new Iron Man armors to appear in the Iron Man 3 movie and the chance to win a trip to the premiere of the film in Los Angeles.


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