The thirty-ninth Iron Man suit created by Tony Stark was a sub-orbital suit nicknamed "Gemini". It was designed for otherworldly journeys into space, having an integrated removable booster pack and zero-gravity maneuvering thrusters.[1]

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The Gemini suit was among those summoned by Stark to battle Extremis-enhanced soldiers assisting Aldrich Killian's plot. It was controlled at the time by J.A.R.V.I.S., Stark's A.I. program. It was seen dispatching an Extremis soldier while Stark was trying to get to Pepper Potts, who was trapped in a mobile platform.

This armor was destroyed, either by Extremis soldiers or Stark's "Clean Slate" protocol, which blew up the remaining suits to symbolize to Pepper Potts that his creations would no longer be a distraction or a priority.[2]


  • This suit was designed by Josh Nizzi. He envisioned that after his experience in space in Marvel's The Avengers, Tony Stark would have designed a suit to function in that environment should the need arise. For the design, Nizzi took cues from space suits and shuttles. He also toyed with the idea of a booster pack if Iron Man needed to carry something into orbit or get there faster.[3]
  • This armor was first revealed in the application "Iron Man 3: Armor Unlock" for the official Iron Man 3 Facebook page, in which a participant has to correctly answer sets of questions about the cinematic version of Iron Man in order to unlock exclusive looks of new Iron Man armor to appear in Iron Man 3 and the chance to win a trip to the premiere of the film in Los Angeles.

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