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After an earlier armor was damaged in battle with the Masters of Silence, Stark donned an armor with more weaponry, which he called the War Machine.[2] It was further modified for James Rhodes, who started using this armor alongside his new alias, War Machine.[3]



It possesses various weapons: repulsors, unibeam (added for Rhodes), twin chain gun, laser blade, wrist-mounted flamethrower.

The shoulder pack can deploy Gatling guns, a box rocket launcher, a pulse cannon, and a plasma cannon.

Various munitions are available: depleted uranium, high explosive, concussion, thermite, tear gas, tracer, flare, smoke, anti-tank, anti-ship, flame, fire suppressant, radio repeater or sub-nuke. Several non-lethal options were later added into the suit's MK II: baton, sabot, and rubber slugs for the cannon, concussion pulses from the hands, and strobes via the unibeam.[4]

This model has more plating and shielding than the typical Iron Man armor. A poly-carbonate coating further improves the surface. An additional poly-prismatic coating was temporarily used to counter the Living Laser's powers. It presumably retained the photon shield from previous armors.

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James Rhodes (Earth-91119) from Marvel Super Hero Squad Online 001.png
Quote1.png Weapon's functionality at maximum. Quote2.png
--War Machine[src]
This was James Rhodes' first armor.[5]
Super Hero Squad Show S1E16
(December 5, 2009)



  • According to the War Machine Armor's co-creator Len Kaminski, the closest thing to a direct inspiration for the War Machine Armor was the cover for Incredible Hulk #390.[1]
  • The War Machine Armor's designer Kevin Hopgood has described the process the following way: "The design brief was 'It's Iron Man— but cooler!' so I had a lot of leeway! The black-and-silver idea came quite quickly. It's basically a punk rock / heavy-metal version of Iron Man. I was thinking of the armor as a mobile weapons platform, so the shoulder-mounted weaponr was a logical extension of that concept. It was Iron Man as a walking tank."[2]

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