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Operated via the telepresence system when Stark's nerve damage was too severe to allow him to normally act as Iron Man. With no need for space to accommodate a wearer, the armor had more room for weapons and power source.

One version self-destructed to prevent Technovore from reaching Earth. The second model was destroyed by Ultimo. A prototype NTU was used by Stark to battle VOR/TEX.

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Telepresence Neural Net transmits mental commands from a headset via sub-space. This system gives the wearer realistic feeling without lag time, but also makes him or her vulnerable to feedback.

  • Beta particle generator and solar converters for the power-source; this model is improved to compensate for the added weight and power needs.
  • Battle computer can track up to 60 targets simultaneously.

Weapons Systems

  • Unibeam can be adjusted for a variety of effects such as search light, heat, tractor beam, lasers, image inducers, ultraviolet light, and EMP
  • Repulsors-can be boosted via cables connecting to the power pods.
  • Pulse Bolts
  • Heat Beam/Heat Lance
  • Disruptor Field
  • Sonic Distorter/Emitter
  • Flamethrower
  • Shoulder-mounted Gatling Gun w/various ammunition
  • Laser Blade
  • Micro-Rocket Launcher
  • Particle Beam/Coherent Beam Weapon
  • Taser
  • Tear Gas
  • Pulsor Beams
  • Fiber wire used for grappling

Defensive Systems

  • Energy Shield
  • Refractory Coating
  • Absorption Grid: Absorbs energy attacks and converts it for use by the armor.
  • ECM
  • Image Inducer
  • Tactical Decoy Units
  • Anti-intrusion system
  • Auto-pilot-if connection is lost, the armor will disengage and attempt to return back to the wearer.


  • Full band radio
  • Radar, sonar, infrared, ultrasound
  • EM sensors
  • 'Life Detector'

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