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This armor was a modular component system rather than a fully integrated suit. As such, each individual system (helmet, boots etc.) may have had different features.

Hulkbuster add-on.

There were also plug-in points for various modules. One of these was the Hulkbuster add-on used when Hulk confronted Iron Man over the production of gamma bombs when part of Stane International. The two met at a production plant. Stark acknowledged that Stane had conducted many illegal and unethical operations, but explained that this news was nothing more than a smear campaign. The two were able to settle the dispute and dismantle the plant.


Repulsors and the uni-beam remained standard for the base unit. Boot jets were upgraded. A refractive coating helped against energy attacks.

Magnets located on the palms and soles as well as a grappling hook with cable were used for climbing. A loudspeaker was used to address crowds. Image inducers were upgraded to give off 'identifier signals,' fooling the Controller.

Various modules were available:

  • Full Spectrum Scanalyzer with Adamantium-Tipped probe.[2]
  • Magnetic Railgun Launcher with explosive shells.[2]
  • Semi-Fluid Polymer Compound:[2] energy-absorbent compound that shot out and covered its target.
  • EM Field Generator:[2] attracted a lightning bolt to short out Ultimo.
  • Gravimetric Field Generator:[2] canceled out the pull of the Earth's gravity on whatever it was attached to.
  • Polybond Adhesive Compound.[2]
  • Cryogenic Compact Module.[2]
  • Magnetic Compact Module:[2] used magnetic field to polarize the target. Multiple modules could be used to polarize the target with mutually opposing states making the atoms of the target repel one another.
  • Hypodermic Injector.[2]
  • Microsurgery Equipment.[3]
  • Shoulder Mounted Weapons.[4]
  • Hulkbuster, it integrated a magno-hydraulic pseudo-musculature which provided greatly enhanced strength rated at 175 tons. Sensors were adapted to focus on detecting gamma radiation. It had impact-resistant carbon composite plating and an anchoring system.


  • The Hulkbuster add-on was originally identified as an individual armor, Model 14, in the All-New Iron Manual #1. It was later reidentified as simply another form of the Model 13 in the Iron Manual TPB #1.


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