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A new armor built by Tony Stark after he and the other heroes returned from Franklin Richards' Counter-Earth.

Health problems linked to exposure to the power systems led to Stark abandoning this design into a new "safe" armor.

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During his status as a fugitive from Norman Osborn, Tony used this armor again while on the run around the world.


Repulsors had variable settings. Like other armors, it maintained a unibeam. Pulse bolts were powerful but power drain limited their usage. In addition to standard sonics, a "sonic ramshot" could now be fired.

Explosive and tear gas pellets were stored in the left gauntlet. Flame-retardant foam was also stored.

The armor's communications with enhanced with a cellular phone and wireless modem.

Sensor upgrades included a Combex/Sonar system and seismographs.

A later add-on was a force bubble projector. This "hamster ball" provided protection for civilians.

A chin toggle was used for convenience (drinking water) and as a backup if the cybernetic link became damaged.



  • Artist Alex Ross originally co-designed this armor together with writer Kurt Busiek as part of a pitch for an Iron Man run following John Byrne's departure from the series with issue #277. When Busiek relaunched the series with Iron Man (Vol. 3) #1, he suggested using Ross' armor design, adding glowing details based on CGI renderings made by Iron Man fan Allen Bujak.[2]

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