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The armor's energy intake was very efficient compared to past models; even small appliances could produce a decent recharge for the armor.

It was significantly overhauled after Iron Man's first battle with Temugin.

The armor was overtaken by an alien nanoplasm, causing Tony to remotely trigger the self-destruct system. Subsequent armors, such as the armor worn while Stark was Secretary of Defense, remained similar to this design.

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Repulsors were modified including a mild version for 'crowd control' as well as improvements when fired underwater and in space. Firing repulsors and uni-beam simultaneously produced a "blockbusting" effect.[2]

Sonic weapons were improved. A deflector pulse can push objects away from the armor. A magnetic pulse was developed for specific use against the Makluan Power Rings.

Defensively, EMP shielding was improved. The basic forcefield used wave algorithms to randomly change its frequency. A small energy shield could be emitted from the gauntlets. Backup forcefields could also be used to cover armor breaches.

For security purposes the armor was encoded to Stark's artificial heart. An emergency override key was given to Pepper Potts.

Liquid oxygen cells provided an improved air supply underwater and in space, but were dangerous if ruptured. Under normal conditions a respirator took in and purified outside air.

A carbon dioxide mix was used for improved underwater propulsion. A searchlight for the helmet was also available for underwater missions.[3]

Utility tools in the left gauntlet could be used for repairs, bomb disposal, or other tasks.

A number of software upgrades were included in the armor, particularly in the sensor array and diagnostics. Notably, the incorporation of GPS technology and an ionic mist spray used to mark objects.


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