While Black Panther, an older version of himself, and Iron Man investigated the X-Con's time traveling conspiracy, the two briefly battled with Stark using a new Stealth armor model adjusted specifically to battle T'Challa.

T'Challa had considered countermeasures of his own for Stark.


Unlike previous models, this armor is completely non-metallic. It uses the latest ceramics, a Kevlar-like polymer weave and 'bio-neural gel-pack' circuits.

Cloaking is achieved through an optical fiber network. However, its movie screen-like surface is fragile and was disrupted by household cleaning solutions.

The armor is improved with noise reduction and internal air tanks. The armor vents carbon dioxide- a danger when the plasma system is engaged.

The battle computer's adaptive combat guidance logic bases protocol based on data it has collected on a particular target.

The armor retains the limited repulsor charge and uni-beam of previous models. However, it can redirect power to these systems if needed.

A plasma discharge system provides protection against anti-metal weapons.


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