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Thor, God of Thunder, provided Tony Stark with an Asgardian crystal charged with immense energy to study. The hope was that its power could act as a safer, cleaner energy source than the current technology on Earth possessed.

Asgard moved over Slokovia after Asgardian worshipers were killed. Storms raged and the Valkyrior were sent to collect the dead. Doctor Doom was secretly manipulating events, supplying one group with weapons while offering the others asylum in Latveria.

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Stark was asked by the US government to talk to Thor and convince him to leave before United Nations forces entered the area. Thor refused to do so.

Doom then contacted Stark and told him he would need to use the crystal to have any chance at stopping Thor, who now wielded his father's Odin-Force in addition to his already great power.

Stark designed the Thorbuster armor, giving it a look somewhat similar to the Destroyer armor and used it in a confrontation with Thor. Thor was surprised at its power and that Tony would turn a 'gift from the gods into a weapon.' He destroyed the reactor and Iron Man ejected from it.

Only the intervention of Captain America was sufficient to prevent military involvement. He too tried to talk Thor down, but got his shield dented in the process. When Thor realized he was attacking his old friends, he stopped. After repairing Cap's shield, he moved Asgard away from the area.

Doom was able to gain the design plans for the reactor, but Stark countered by infecting his systems with a computer virus.


The armor was powered by an Asgardian mystical element. Everything from flight to life support utilized the magical energy. A facemask could be lowered for additional protection. If need be the wearer could eject and use a normal Iron Man armor.

Experimental "Type X" repulsors could be used to boost the armor's punches in addition to the standard blast. The uni-beam fired large bursts of energy. Also impervious to any kinds of harm except, oddly enough, Thor.

The Asgardian Crystal empowers the armor and allows it to absorb and manipulate Asgardian energies effectively giving him Odin Force. It was even able to stop Mjolnir in mid-flight.


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