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This suit of armor derived from a rebuilt Model 24 after taking heavy damage from acid. This model was subsequently replaced by the Extremis Armor.


The armor standard's weaponry included repulsors, uni-beam and sonics. Concussion blasts were used against the Hand. Zero-point energy was used against Michael Pointer.

Via voice command (by saying the word "Assemble"), the armor can go into "Battle Mode," and follow Stark's orders, including targeting and identifying enemies. The order code "Quivers" makes the armor go in standby mode.[2] If separated by magnetism, it could reform and return to Stark.

Defensively, a repulsor shield could be extended to protect the armor and allies in combat.

An integrated remote command could override other Iron Man armors as a safety feature.

Security was enhanced by upgrades to anti-tampering devices.[3]


  • This armor was originally identified in the All-New Iron Manual as the Model 26, it was later renumbered Model 25 in the Iron Manual.
  • This profile acts as a catch-all for armor appearances post-Tin Man pre-Extremis as well as in the early issues of New Avengers.


  • Is suggested that this model is the one that Norman Osborn used as a base for creating the Iron Patriot Armor, due to visual similarities, and that later models had modifications suited for Stark's new Extremis-enhanced biology.

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