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This armor was used by Anthony Stark while on-board the Clement during a mission to destroy an asteroid on a collision course with Earth. Titanium Man stowed away on the ship and attempted to sabotage the operation but failed.


This armor was designed for the increased gravity conditions of hyperspace travel. Its limits were unknown, but Tony was safe at 50 Gs. The design made sure that blood remained in the limbs rather than collecting in the torso.

A combination of pseudo-musculature, mobility software and a magnetic/jet compensator helped the wearer move around.

Tony was still affected by G-Loc (loss of consciousness), possible nitrogen narcosis, and the bends, all of which were side-effects of hyper-gravity travel. If he became sick, the armor cleaned and disinfected itself.

An intermix mask worn under the helmet regulated oxygen, as normal air under high gravity condition was dangerous.

It was unknown if this armor could fly.

Weapons systems were unknown; presumably it had functioning repulsors and a uni-beam.


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