Iron Man Vol 1 55 page 09 Anthony Stark (Earth-616)

Tony assembles the armor

The new generation of Iron Man armors started with this model, by implementing a long time staple of the Iron Man arsenal: Repulsor Rays.[2] Shortly Tony decided to give his armor more facial features, by including the infamous faceplate which included a "nose".[3] It was heavily damaged in a battle against The Freak, forcing Tony to create a new armor, which was not only more flexible, but also returned to the nose-less faceplate.[4]

It was briefly used by Happy Hogan and Michael O'Brien as well. When Tony Stark undertook Stark Resilient, he dismantled and melted one of the models of this armor.[5]


  • The Iron Man armor, especially the models prior to the Model 3, were in a constant state of experimentaion and improvement. The Model 3 distinguished itself when Anthony Stark implements a basic helmet design. The Model 2 helmet first had a horned look. The helmet mask was later riveted on flat. The Model 3 appears to be of a smooth bore motif which led to Iron Man being affectionatly referred to by some of his fellow Avengers as "Shell-Head".
  • The Model 3 model was used last as Tony Stark's primary armor/weaponry in Iron Man #85.


Another upgrade.

Image inducer produced holograms.

Electric bolts could be used for stunning.

The armor's surface could be heated.

Various gadgets: vapor ejector, smoke bombs, bomb pellets, a chemical kit, cutting blade, sound duplicator, and a high frequency wave generator.

Life support was improved with a longer air supply.

The armor could absorb energy from extreme temperatures (both hot and cold).

The armor included the infamous rocket skates as a back-up way of transpportation.[4]

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