One of the five different Iron Man armors, created by Tony Stark. They where never used in action until the armors were activated via remote trigger when the son of Ho Yinsen was shot and killed by S.H.I.E.L.D. forces.

The Fantastic Four fought the Digger drone near vital oil fields. Thing (Ben Grimm) was able to stop it from tunneling. While attempting to dispose of it, Iron Man was attacked by the Battle Argo. This armor's anti-metal was used to destroy the Battle Argonaut, which also caused it to be destroyed.


This armor was intended to be a tunneling unit with a special helmet shielded with Antarctic vibranium, and equipped with a hybrid repulsor-unibeam unit to facilitate subterranean rescues. The Digger had massive boot thrusters and weighed in north of 68.7 metric tons. It also had limited stealth systems.


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