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Iron Man used this armor to battle the Hulk, which was a very brutal fight. It was heavily damaged by the collapse of Stark Tower.[2] Its remains were briefly possessed by the extradimensional demon named Zom. It was subsequently deactivated and was presumably salvaged by Stark Industries or S.H.I.E.L.D. later.[3]

When Tony Stark undertook his reformed company Stark Resilient, a model of this armor was dismantled and melted.[citation needed]


Rockets are used to boost the armor's punches. An injector was loaded with anti-gamma radiation nanites; however these had been tampered with and were ineffective in battle.


  • This armor was originally identified as the Iron Man Armor Model 37 in 2008's All-New Iron Manual. It was subsequently renumbered to Model 36 in the Iron Manual TPB, released later that year, due to the reclassification of the previously-designated Model 14 as a subset of the Model 13. In 2018, the "Many Armors of Iron Man" variant cover series for Tony Stark: Iron Man #1 split the Model 13 back into 13 and 14, implicitly moving up this armor's designation back to Model 37. The cover series implies other changes, as the designations for Models 42, 45, 50 and 51 remain unchanged despite the Model 13 split bumping up the designations for Models 16, 22, 29 and 37 (to 17, 23, 30 and 38, respectively). Since the limited scope of the cover series makes it impossible to determine the full extent of changes in numeration (as it only spotlighted twenty suits), the Marvel Database will prioritize the numbering from the Iron Manual TPB.

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