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Armor's capabilities

When the Extremis virus was recreated by A.I.M. and sold to different people around the world, Tony Stark decided to track down and destroy any type of Extremis sample that could fall in the wrong hands.[4]

One of the samples he had to retrieve was in the secured mansion of a Colombian drug dealer. He created a new Stealth suit in order to perform his covert mission.[2]

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Hologram disguise


Being powered by the R.T. node, this suit possesses lightbending technology for camouflage, holograms for disguise, and non-fatal and silent weaponry. It can use repulsors, but at roughly 10% the max output.[2] The suit also possesses tasers.[5]

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The suit's shielding is capable of resisting a force blast from the Spectral Mandarin Ring, a beam of energy so powerful it can destroy the bonds between atoms and molecules.[5] The suit's holograms can also be used to create illusions.[6]

The space between the joints of the suit is increased, so to reduce the sound caused by movement.[7] The armor can also conceal itself but not the wearer to let its user be protected, but appear normaly clothed.[8]

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