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When the Extremis virus was recreated by A.I.M. and sold to different people around the world, Tony Stark decided to track down and destroy any type of Extremis sample that could fall in the wrong hands by any means necessary.[2]

Immense firepower

One of the samples he had to retrieve was from a French catacomb, where 13 super-powered subjects were created. In order to battle more than a dozen of super-humans at the same time, this armor was created and fitted with a high amount of devastating firepower to deal with them.[3]

This suit was taken by Tony in his mobile armory to his space trip, and was deployed by Iron Man during the fight against Recorder 451.[4]

When the Hulk tried to kill Iron Man after discovering that Stark had sabotaged the Gamma Bomb which turned him into a monster, even though it was later revealed by doing so Tony saved Banner's life, Tony deployed this armor to fight him after another suit had been heavily damaged. The Heavy Duty Armor wasn't really effective, as the Hulk resisted Iron Man firing all its arsenal, and quickly turned the suit into scrap.[5]



According to Stark himself, this suit has been designed to battle the Hulk. It possesses a powerful minigun mounted on the left arm, a cannon and a flashlight can be extended onto the right shoulder, a powerful laser and another minigun can be extended onto the left shoulder, the repulsor outputs are located both in the palms (like most armors) and in the back of the gauntlets. The power input is enough to hold the suit firing all weapons, including Unibeam.

For defense, the suit can project a powerful forcefield, and it's durable enough to withstand a battle against twelve different Extremis subjects for a limited period of time.[3]


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