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The latest Hulkbuster Iron Man armor was taken to the United States in Stark's car when Tony decided to investigate the Gamma Bomb's testing site, and see if the vision he had in which it was revealed that years ago he sabotaged the Gamma Bomb which turned Bruce Banner into the Hulk was true,[2] it later turned out that he did, but that said act saved Bruce's life.[3]

Armor's suit-up

When Tony discovered the Hulk also had said vision and was looking for him for revenge, Tony activated the armor's suit up in the car and flew to Troy.

In Troy, Tony was soon attacked by a newly intelligent Hulk enhanced by the Extremis virus, and used the suit in battle to the point the armor had been seriously damaged and was barely functioning.[4] Iron Man managed to separate himself from the Hulk and hide in Troy's underground, from where he got to his armory and changed the malfunctioning suit for the Heavy Duty Armor.[3]


Gamma blades

This suit is designed specifically to fight the Hulk. It possesses a "shock-and-awe" barrage with repulsors and ultrasonics powerful enough to power an entire continent.

Additional arsenal includes gamma blades (a network of small robots designed to stay near the armor's user, which create a line of radiation designed to cut even through the Hulk's skin)[5] and a minefield.[4]

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