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This fusion-powered armor was designed for extended use in space. First used to confront Sunturion.

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Life support and other systems are designed primarily for space; the armor is heavy and awkward in normal gravity conditions. Its control system is highly sensitive.

An auto-camera and extendable exo-units are used for exploration. Sonar detects vibrations despite a lack of atmosphere. Thermographs provide detailed information.

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Repulsors were standard. In addition to the standard array the unibeam could use a deflector beam to push objects. The armor also has concussion beams mounted in its epaulets.

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  • The rights to the schematics of this armor are being contested by Damage Control after Tony Stark fell into a coma since the company also operates as an archival unit for metahuman technology that belongs to missing, incapacitated or deceased individuals. While Stark commonly evaded this predicament by leaving control of his intellectual property to Reed Richards, Reed had gone missing for a prolongued period of time when Stark became incapacitated.[3]

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