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This Hulkbuster Iron Man armor could be compacted into a fully-functional flying car. It was used by Tony Stark to pick up Captain America after he assisted an accident at the Queensboro Bridge. The armor was deployed into its suit form when the two heroes assisted Spider-Man against the Warbringer, and it was heavily damaged by a heat blast created by the villain, to the point it partially melted in an instant.[3]

As a car

Tony remained sealed inside the suit until Vision arrived and he was able to hack into the armor's operating system and trigger an emergency protocol which auto-dismantled the suit. Stark wasn't worried about the loss of the armor because it was meant to be "a one-off," and he subsequently called in his main suit, the Model-Prime Armor.[4]

However, the suit was later rebuilt. It was deployed as part of the "Project Icarus" when Ultron returned to the Earth, having merged with his creator Hank Pym. The Vision distracted the villain long enough to allow Tony Stark to successfully land the remotely-controlled suit on top of Ultron.[5] Stark encased Ultron in the suit and forced them to board a ship with destination to the Sun. Ultron began to slowly break free from the armor even before they got on the aircraft, forcing some of the Avengers to accompany the villain to ensure they didn't escape. The suit was eventually breached from the inside by Ultron some time after exiting the atmosphere.[2]

When Iron Man confronted the Sentry to stop him from going after his stolen Confluctor, he summoned the Hulkbuster Armor and equipped it on top of his Extremis Armor. Tony attempted to fight the Sentry, but the armor was quickly damaged. Tony's suits repaired themselves, and Tony used the Hulkbuster again to help the Sentry fight his protégé-turned-villain, Billy Turner.[6]

The Hulkbuster Armor was next used by Iron Man when Captain Marvel rallied the Avengers to capture Bruce Banner.[7] Due to his possession by the One Below All, the Hulk managed to easily overpower the team. The Hulkbuster's repulsor beams had little effect on the Hulk, and the armor suffered critical manage with a single blow. After the Hulk tore off the armor's arms, the suit suffered a cascading failure. Tony had to use the armor's manual release to activate its ejection system. As soon as Tony ejected out of the armor using its detached helmet for propulsion, the armor exploded.[8]



What appears to be simply a flying car is a fully-functional Iron Man Armor that could be deployed with the push of a button. In its vehicle form, the armor can achieve flight with the use of two repulsor turbines on its bottom.[3]

By pressing a button located in the car's panel, the legs of the suit were deployed from the rear of the car, and the arms from the front. The middle of the vehicle became the armor's torso, and thus the entire suit of armor was formed around its user in only a few seconds.[3] It's unknown what would happen to any passenger were they in the car when its function to turn into an armor is activated.


Offensive Powers

The suit possesses enough strength to burst through a wall from the former Stark Tower with ease, and it includes repulsor weaponry.[3] Further versions of the armor displayed the ability to change the shape of its hands, turning the armor's glove into either a snare or a repulsor cannon.[6]

Defensive Powers

While the armor can protect its user from damage, it appears to be vulnerable to high temperatures.[3] A newer version of the suit showcased the ability to self-repair.[6] The armor possesses an ejection system which allows its user to detach the helmet from the rest of the armor and fly away with it. This emergency system can also be activated with a manual release.[8]


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