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This armor was one of the many designed by Tony Stark after founding Stark Unlimited. He used it after ejecting from the heavily-damaged Fin Fang Foombuster Armor during a fight against Fin Fang Foom.[1]

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This suit appears to possess the standard abilities of a regular Iron Man Armor, including flight, enhanced strength, increased durability and repulsor blasts. It was additionally capable of firing a micro-pod which contained a swarm of the Nano Iron Man Armor.[1] The suit lacks an on-board A.I. since at the time Tony Stark hadn't found a replacement for Friday, who had been removed from all Iron Man armor and given her own robotic body.[2]


  • The numerical designation provided in this article for this suit is tentative, based on the last officially numbered armor (Model 52) and the chronological appearance of this suit.
  • This armor shares a similar color scheme with the Iron Man Armor Model 64.

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