This armor was one of the many designed by Tony Stark after founding Stark Unlimited. Tony was wearing it when Spymaster infiltrated the Stark Unlimited HQ and stole a hard drive containing a back-up of Stark's memories. He used the armor to defeat the villain along with Captain Marvel.[1]

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Tony continued using this armor, and for a brief time employed his duplicate A.I., dubbed Li'l Tony, to run its systems. After fighting a hybrid of Wonder Man and Vision, during which Li'l Tony was killed,[2] and becoming aware of a ploy by Ultron Pym, Tony switched this armor in favor of a specialty suit, the Ultronbuster Armor.[3] Stark didn't return to the Model 64 following his confrontation against Ultron since he lacked an A.I. to run its systems,[4] and later because he renounced his identity as Tony Stark, and opted to use a new version of his Model 1 Armor under his new name of Mark One.[5]



This suit appears to possess the standard abilities of a regular Iron Man Armor, including flight, enhanced strength, increased durability, repulsor blasts and unibeam. The suit can additionally deploy repulsor rays from its shoulders, generate energy shields,[1] and set off an EMP. While the EMP also causes the suit to shut down, countermeasures enable its reboot. For a brief time, the armor's sytems were operated by Tony Stark's duplicate A.I., dubbed Li'l Tony.[2]


  • The numerical designation provided in this article for this suit is tentative, based on the last officially numbered armor (Model 52) and the chronological appearance of this suit.
  • This armor shares a similar color scheme with the Iron Man Armor Model 56.


  • This suit's creator Valerio Schiti has jokingly referred to it as the "Crop Top Armor" due to the red plating in the torso resembling a crop top. He also dubbed the legs' red portions as "Iron Garter Stockings."[6]

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