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After Tony Stark's status as a real person was delegitimized following the discovery that his body was entirely synthetic in addition to his mind being a back-up of the engrams of the allegedly real, late Tony Stark, his adoptive brother Arno Stark deposed him from Stark Unlimited and merged the company with Baintronics. Embracing the identity of Iron Man as his own, Arno poured the resources of both organizations into making his own Iron Man suit, which doubled as an attempt at recreating Tony's Godbuster Armor.[1]



This suit appears to possess the standard abilities of a regular Iron Man Armor, including flight, enhanced strength, increased durability, repulsor blasts and unibeam.[2] Arno's armor can fire its repulsor blasts both from the palms of his gauntlets like standard Iron Man suits[3] and from ports mounted on back of its wrists.[2] The suit's shoulder cogs can whirl to provide an offensive maneauver in close quarters. Numerous sections of the armor, namely its wrists, chest, abdomen and shoulder cogs, can retract their plating to reveal hidden repulsor ports for increased offensive capacity.[4]


  • The numerical designation provided in this article for this suit is tentative, based on the last officially numbered armor (Model 52) and the chronological appearance of this suit.
  • This armor is an adaptation of the Iron Man 2020 Armor of Earth-8410.

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