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Quote1 C'mon, Arno. Still making armor out of metal? How very 2020. I'm a futurist. My new suit's made of an entire world-- the eScape. Solid hologram. Virtual Armor. Its only limit: my imagination. Quote2
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After finally realizing that he was the real Tony Stark and not a duplicate of himself as he had come to firmly believe,[3] Tony began work on the Model 68 armor using the virtual resources of the Thirteenth Floor, where his consciousness was residing after being plucked out of his body by Friday to save his life. The end result was the Virtual Armor, made entirely out of solid holograms, which Tony praised as his greatest armor of all time.

Anthony Stark (Earth-616) and Arno Stark (Earth-616) from Iron Man 2020 Vol 2 6 001

Tony trapping Arno in the Virtual Armor

Once Tony's allies had restored his physical body, Tony used the Virtual Armor to transport his consciousness out of the Thirteenth Floor and into his body. Tony and his allies then followed Arno Stark to the Stark Space Station to stop him from activating a mind-controlling device to enslave all of humanity to fight the Extinction Entity. After overpowering Arno in battle,[1] and realizing that he wouldn't be able to convince him the Extinction Entity was a delusion in his head caused by his relapsing illness, Tony encased Arno in the Virtual Armor, forming a sphere around him to act as a life support system while also submerging him in a virtual dream in which the Extinction Entity was real and he got to defeat it.[2]



Unlike other Iron Man Armor, the Model 68 armor isn't made of matter like metal. Instead, it is made of solid holograms derived from the eScape. This allows Tony to create any weapon he can think of, including repulsor beams and unibeams. The armor also augments Tony's strength to the point where he could easily rip apart the armor of his brother Arno. Defensively, the armor can protect against standard weapons like missiles and unconventional ones like repulsor beams. Tony is aided in running the armor by the A.I. Friday.

Anthony Stark (Earth-616) from Iron Man 2020 Vol 2 6 001

The suit appearing partially visible

The armor's default mode makes it invisible and segments of the suit only become perceptible depending on the situation. For example, portions of the suit flashed when blocking Arno Stark's attacks, the suit's arm appeared visible when Tony punched Arno, and the suit's leg could be seen when Tony was using the armor's jet boots to fly.[1] In a simulated sequence within the eScape, Tony made the entirety of the armor visible and opaque when fighting the Extinction Entity, and the suit also protected him from the vacuum of space.[2]


  • The numerical designation provided in this article for this suit is tentative, based on the last officially numbered armor (Model 52) and the chronological appearance of this suit.

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