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After the human supremacist mogul Feilong seized control of Stark Unlimited and poured its resources into the creation of Stark Sentinels to fuel Orchis' campaign of mutant prosecution, Tony Stark joined forces with the runaway X-Men in secrecy, since he couldn't legally operate as Iron Man due to Feilong owning the patents of his technology.[1]

During his alliance with the mutant telepath Emma Frost, Stark learned that a theoretical metal discovered by his father Howard in the past was none other than the mutant-harvested mysterium, so Tony sought to use it to craft his countermeasures against Feilong's Stark Sentinels.[2] Stark's planning efforts culminated in the design of a towering Sentinel Buster Armor meant to fight the Stark Sentinels head-on.[3] In order to build it, he and Emma Frost recovered the mysterium deposited by the X-Men on Gameworld and had Starfox deliver it to Nidavellir. Sharing the design of the Sentinel Buster with Ironheart, Tony had her convene with the Dwarves of Nidavellir and construct the Sentinel Buster, by happenstance joining forces with the X-Man Forge.

In order to lure Orchis into a trap, the Sentinel Buster was split into separate pieces meant to resemble spaceships. The resistance fed Orchis false intel that these "ships" were going to carry a mutant armada from Mars to Earth.[4] On the day of reckoning, Iron Man convened with the pieces of the Sentinel Buster in the Australian Outback, prompting Feilong to send the majority of the Stark Sentinels to Stark's position. As they arrived, Iron Man assembled the "ships" into the Sentinel Buster.[3] Stark laid waste to the Stark Sentinels, but the armor's energy demands were too much for the actual number of Stark Sentinels online. When Feilong arrived in a War Machine Sentinel, the Sentinel Buster engaged him, and the villain rammed his mecha into the Sentinel Buster's chest, damaging its giant-sized R.T. node and shutting it down.[5]



The Sentinel Buster Armor is designed specifically to overpower Stark Sentinels, dwarfing the size of these robots by an order of several magnitudes. It's made of an alloy comprised of mysterium, a hyper-conductive "miracle metal" that is more durable than adamantium and impervious to magic.[3] The Sentinel Buster possesses the standard abilities of a regular Iron Man Armor, including flight, enhanced strength, repulsor blasts, and a unibeam, but scaled up. It can crush and punch through Stark Sentinels with ease, and its unibeam can disintegrate them almost instantly. The suit additionally possesses powerful missiles and flamethrowers.

The massive armor is operated using the normal-sized Model 72 Armor as a flight suit, and its systems are connected to its user through it, with the cockpit being located in the Sentinel Buster's head. However, the Sentinel Buster does possess an autopilot function.

The main weakness of the Model 73 is that it is extremely power-intensive, meaning that it can only be used for a limited time before its energy is depleted.[5]



  • Based on Juan Frigeri's design sheet for it,[6] the Sentinel Buster Armor is roughly as tall as thirty-two regular-sized Iron Man suits. With the average Iron Man suit being 6'6" (1.98 m) tall,[7] this means that the height of the Sentinel Buster can be estimated to be 208' (63.4 m).

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