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The Mark Nil was a stealth armor created by Tony Stark shortly after the acquisition of Stark Unlimited by the human supremacist Feilong. He designed this suit to infiltrate a factory in Texas where Feilong was using the technology of the company to mass-produce Stark Sentinels.[1]


Like any stealth armor, the Mark Nil favors undetectability and furtiveness above all else. To this end, it possesses active camouflage which renders the armor virtually invisible. The suit also possesses what might be Van der Waals adhesion circuits similar to the Iron Man Armor Model 70, which allows it to stick to vertical surfaces, mimicking Spider-Man's wall-crawling. In addition to this, the armor possesses the standard abilities of an Iron Man suit, including enhanced durability, strength and flight via jet boots. However, the suit is physically weaker than a standard Iron Man armor.[1]



  • The Mark Nil almost didn't have a name in its debut issue, Invincible Iron Man (Vol. 5) #7; writer Gerry Duggan rushed to mail a note asking the dialogue to be changed in the comic to give it its name shortly before it went to print.[2]

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