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When the Winter Soldier freed himself and had his brainwashing programming activated by Helmut Zemo, he attempted to escape the Joint Counter Terrorist Centre, but was impeded by the facility's security forces, Steve Rogers; Natasha Romanoff; Sharon Carter, and Tony Stark. At the time, Tony did not have access to his full Iron Man Armor but did have the gauntlet, which he folded out over his hand from his watch. Tony proceeded to use the gauntlet to disorient the Winter Soldier using a sonic pulse and flash of light, emulating a flashbang grenade. This only temporarily stunned Barnes, forcing Stark to engage in a brief fistfight with the former, who pointed a handgun at Tony's face and pulled the trigger, but Tony stopped the bullet by placing his gauntlet over the gun's barrel. Barnes then punched Stark several feet backwards, knocking him down and out of the fight.[1]


*Sonic Blast: The gauntlet can unleash a sonic pulse to disorient a target. It is fired when the hand is clenched into a fist.

  • Flash Beam: The gauntlet can release a blinding flash of light to disorient a target. It is fired when the hand is splayed open.

Alternate Reality Versions

2100 A.D. (Earth-23291)

Sonny Frisco (Earth-23291) from Spider-Man 2099 Vol 3 20 001.jpg

In Earth-23291, the Iron Man Gauntlet is a partial recreation of the Iron Man Armor created by Sonny Frisco. It condensed into a bracelet that Sonny wore that could turn back into the gauntlet. He used the gauntlet while being hunted by Electro. While it initially knocked him back, he quickly learned how to counteract its blasts.[2]

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