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Quote1 You clearly know nothing about me, so here's a short bio for you. I used to make weapons for a living. I sold things that killed people. All I do is think about the lives I've destroyed. The only thing that used to give me a break from it was alcohol. But that only made things worse. You know what I learned, though, from all that drinking? That it's real easy to blame everyone else for what's gone wrong with your life. That's what I used to do, until the day I finally woke up and realized... Buddy, you brought this on yourself. Quote2
-- Iron Man
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• Iron Man returns to space to settle a score, but ends up embroiled with the fugitive UNCANNY X-MEN!

• Their paths cross in pursuit of Cyclops, who’s been kidnapped by mysterious n’er do wells.

• All this and guest-starring NOVA, THE HUMAN ROCKET!

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