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The Mandarin

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Synopsis for "Ten Rings to Rule the World!"

Tony Stark has travelled to China to rescue Kevin O'Brien, disguised as Iron Man, who had been captured by the Mandarin. Stark and O'Brien change armor with Stark obtaining the most recent model. Stark reveals his identity to O'Brien, who has been antagonizing him for the past few months. He orders O'Brien to return to the States aboard an Avengers Quinjet. O'Brien does so, thinking he might have mistaken Stark for a villain.

Iron Man invades the Mandarin's castle lair. He encounters and defeats his Death-Squad and eventually confronts the Mandarin himself. The villain freezes Iron Man with his rings and explains how he survived his apparent death at the hands of the Yellow Claw in an earlier battle. The Mandarin had transferred his consciousness into his rings, and when the Claw's servant Loc Do placed the rings on his hands, the Mandarin took over his form.

Iron Man turns on his heat inducer and thaws his frozen body. He eventually defeats the Mandarin by seizing his rings and de-magnetizing them. In a last act, the Mandarin remotely assassinates his agent, Jonathan Rich, in Washington D.C. for failing him. Iron Man destroys the Mandarin's machinery, as well as his castle but spares the Oriental Master's life. The Golden Avenger then leaves the Mandarin, asking him to remember his act of altruism.


  • Letters (story pages): Costanza (pag 1, uncredited), Holloway (pages 2-17).
  • This issue is dedicated to Iron Man's creators Stan Lee and Don Heck.
  • This issue presents a new letters page Printed Circuits. Letters are published from Jim Trzeciak, Kevin Beile, Roger Klorese, and John O'Connor. The letters page has been titled Sock It To Shell-Head for all previous Volume One issues. In past months, several letter-writing fans had requested a new name for the letters page.

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