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Appearing in "Dreadknight and the Daughter of Creation!"

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Synopsis for "Dreadknight and the Daughter of Creation!"

The Dreadknight defeats and imprisons Iron Man and the Frankenstein Monster at Castle Frankenstein.

Jasper Sitwell pursues Krissy Longfellow and Harry Key for stealing Stark company patents.

A chase is witnessed by Jack Hart who decides to investigate.

Iron Man and the Monster are chained in a dungeon with Victoria von Frankenstein. The Dreadknight begins to torture Victoria. The enraged Monster escapes his bonds, which distracts the Dreadknight just long enough for Iron Man to escape. Iron Man and Dreadknight do battle.

When Iron Man saves Victoria from a blast of the Dreadknight's gun, the Monster steps in to defeat the villain, knocking him down the stairs. Iron Man departs, leaving the injured Dreadknight in Victoria's care.


  • Inks: two pages of flashback inked by Marcos.
  • Jack of Hearts will later become a recurring character in this own title. He will eventually serve as a protégé of Iron Man.
  • This issue contains a letters page, "Printed Circuits". Letters are published from Jeffrey Lowndes, Paul Baerwalde, Peter Sanderson, and John Tessman.

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