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Appearing in "Run for the Money!"

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Synopsis for "Run for the Money!"

While Iron Man takes a commercial jet back to the USA, Jasper Sitwell's pursuit of Krissy Longfellow and Harry Key ends when they are taken aboard Mordecai Midas' Flying Fortress. Learning Key failed to obtain Iron Man's armor, Midas throws him from the Fortress to his death. After Krissy reveals herself as Madame Masque, Midas allows her to accompany him to Stark International. When Iron Man approaches, Midas' underlings use Stark defenses to attack. Misunderstanding the situation, Jack of Hearts attacks Iron Man, but their battle becomes moot when Midas reveals himself, declaring he has acquired possession of Stark International, which he renames Midas International. Thunderstruck by this development, Iron Man departs with Madame Masque. Meanwhile, Marianne Rodgers, Stark's telepathic ex-girlfriend, is released from Milford Sanitarium.


  • This issue contains a letters page, "Printed Circuits". A sizable amount of is printed by Bill Mantlo on his creation Jack of Hearts. Letters are also printed from Bud Feuless and Rick Borton.
  • One character in this comic is named Mary Jo Duffy. She shares her name with real-life Mary Jo Duffy, who became a writer and editor for Marvel starting in 1977 on the editorial staff.[1]

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