Quote1 Tony, is - is this real? Is the nightmare over? Quote2
-- Madame Masque

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Synopsis for "Growing Pains!"

Working to free Madame Masque and the others from Midas' golden imprisonment, Iron Man and fellow Avenger Yellowjacket use Enervator technology to power a bio-ray, which Jack of Hearts will direct to revert the subjects to normal. Nearby, Stark employees unwittingly activate the Growing Man, who searches for a power source, in hope of contacting Kang. Iron Man battles the Growing Man but fails to stop him from disrupting the bio-ray process. Although Jack of Hearts is rendered unconscious, his body continues to channel the required energy, and Iron Man supplements the process with energy from the Growing Man himself, disabling the giant android and reviving Madame Masque and the others.


  • Letters are credited simply to Karin.

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