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Jack of Hearts

Appearing in "Moonrise!"

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Synopsis for "Moonrise!"

Restored, most of Iron Man's allies depart, but Jack of Hearts convinces Iron Man to accept him as a super hero "apprentice." While Iron Man arranges for LMD Unit 6 to temporarily head Stark International as "Tony Stark," Jack helps SHIELD scientists determine the Growing Man's previous location: the Moon. Some time later, Iron Man and Jack fly an Avengers Quinjet there, but a sonic attack disables both men, and they crash in the Blue Area. A Russian ship, manned by three Russian super heroes — Darkstar, her brother Vanguard, and the latest Crimson Dynamo — also crashes, and tensions flare between the two crews before they realize a large egg-like device caused both crashes. When the "egg" again activates, opening a portal, Iron Man and Jack of Hearts enter, and the device seals behind them, leaving the three Russians to ponder the situation.


  • This issue contains a letters page, "Printed Circuits". Letters are published from Greg Gallant, Denis Mallonee, and Fred Hembeck.

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