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Quote1.png Isn't this enough Mandarin? Can't you see what your mad schemes of conquest cost? Quote2.png
Iron Man

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Synopsis for "Unmasked!"

Having deduced that somebody has discovered his identity, Iron Man has tricked the Mandarin into thinking that somebody else is Iron Man. For when the Mandarin has Iron Man at his mercy he unmasks him to find a different man under the armor (actually Stark wearing a mask) while an LMD of Stark has called the press to one of his cabins.

Hoping to destroy "Stark" the Mandarin binds Iron Man to go after his foe, however the real Stark breaks free of the trap and chases after his arch-nemesis and saves his LMD "self" from the Mandarin. While battling the Mandarin, the press who have gathered listen intently while the Mandarin boasts about his plot to frame Stark for treason (Clearing Stark's name in the process.)

Hoping to escape, Mandarin captures Janice Cord and tries to escape in his ship. Iron Man boards and tries to stop him, however it's not until Mei Ling realizes how evil the Mandarin is and that he can never love her, that Stark manages to save Janice when Mei Ling tries to stop her lover. Her interference costs Mei Ling her life, however Iron Man and Janice manage to escape while the Mandarin's ship crashes into the side of a mountain, seemingly killing his foe.


  • This issue contains a letters page, "Sock It To Shell-Head". Letters are published from Gordon Flagg, Mark Kraemer, Al Olson & Dave Thomas, Bill Warren, Peggy Vase, Pierre Tremblay, Bobby Carlton, and J. Powell.

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