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Jack of Hearts

Appearing in "Sojourners Through Space!"

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Synopsis for "Sojourners Through Space!"

Iron Man and Jack of Hearts emerge across the galaxy, on a Rigellian Colonizer ship, part of a vast fleet targeting the planet Wundagore II. Startled, the Rigellians encase the two heroes in congealed "proton particles," but Iron Man breaks free. The Rigellian leader, Fleet Commander Arcturus, summons the bio-robot Punisher, who holds Iron Man and Jack at bay. Back on the Moon, the Russian super heroes report to their general: on Earth, LMD Unit 6, believed to be the true Stark, prepares to provide technological support in case of invasion via the alien egg. Elsewhere, the Rigellians scan their captives' capabilities and memories, realizing Iron Man and Jack investigated their lunar observation base after encountering the Growing Man, whom the Rigellians intended as an advanced scout but who was prematurely activated before being appropriately programmed. An outside attack, disrupts the ship's functions and free Iron Man and Jack. The two find a window to view the Rigellians' enemies: the Knights of Wundagore.


  • This issue contains a letters page, "Printed Circuits". Letters are published from Matt Kaufman, Dean Goldblatt, Jon Brady, and Chris Lindhardt.
  • Jack of Hearts, Madame Masque, and Jasper Sitwell previously appeared last issue and will appear again next issue.

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