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Quote1.png Nefaria was my father! And somehow that ... changes things. Quote2.png
Madame Masque

Appearing in "Anguish Once Removed!"

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  • Jupiter Landing Vehicle

Synopsis for "Anguish Once Removed!"

The Ani-Men beat up Tony in an effort to get him to help Count Nefaria but he manages to reach a hidden panel containing samples of his weapons. He tries to fight back, but they quickly beat him. As the attacks increase in severity Tony realizes he has to fight for his life and opens his attache case, revealing himself to be Iron Man to the as he dons the armor. Iron Man swiftly brings down the Ani-Men, when suddenly a bomb goes off, killing the Ani-Men. The bomb was placed by the Spymaster, who had intended to kill Stark. Iron Man searches the wreckage for Madame Masque but learns from the police that she escaped.

Iron Man traces her to Stark International and fights off his LMD double, reprogrammed to serve Whitney: he overloads the LMD's circuits and finds Madame Masque trying to save Nefaria's life with Stark's medical equipment. Whitney activates Stark's Jupiter Landing Vehicle to combat him, but he topples the immense vehicle over, accidentally smashing the equipment which contained Nefaria, killing him. Iron Man tries to explain it was an accident to Whitney but she responds that it will take her some time to sort out how she feels about him.


  • Count Nefaria appears to die in this issue, but he will return to menace the Marvel Universe into present continuity.

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