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Bethany Cabe
You monster! You killed him!
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Invincible Iron Man Vol 2 14 Textless.jpg
Iron Man)
I... killed him!
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Appearing in "Pieces of Hate"

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Synopsis for "Pieces of Hate"

Bethany shoots Whiplash's whip in mid-strike blocking his strike against Iron Man giving him a chance to marshal his strength and defeat the Melter and Blizzard. A fleeing whiplash is knocked out by Bethany who then berates Iron Man for not doing his job and guarding Tony. Iron Man slips away and returns as Tony to finish his date with Bethany. The next day Tony returns to Stark International to prepare to welcome Serge Kotznin at the UN. Tony also monitors SHIELD's attempted buyout of his company and tries to avoid some of his responsibilities by patrolling as Iron Man. Later Iron Man arrives at the UN to represent Stark International to Kotznin at the treaty signing. While Bethany is present as Kotznin's bodyguard. Just as Kotznin and Iron Man are posing for photographers, Justin Hammer has Phillip Barnett activate their device controlling Iron Man's armor firing a repulsor ray through Kotznin killing him in front of hundreds of witnesses.


  • This issue contains a letters page, "Printed Circuits". Letters are published from Paul Castrovillo, Russell McMahen, and Thomas J. Owens.
  • As seen on page one, this issue is Story# LG-437.


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