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Quote1.png Really Mr. Stark! I know it's not my place, but is that whiskey I smell on your breath? Quote2.png
Bambi Arbogast

Appearing in "The Monaco Prelude"

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  • Stark's Mazda RX-7

Synopsis for "The Monaco Prelude"

The police move in to arrest Iron Man for the death of Sergei Kotznin (the Carnelian ambassador) but he professes his innocence, saying he will need to be free to prove it and refuses to surrender. Aware that they cannot force him to surrender, the police give him the benefit of the doubt and let him go free, to Bethany's annoyance. In exchange, Tony promises to hand in the Iron Man armor. An hour later Tony gives an inoperable suit of Iron Man armor to the mayor to satisfy the authorities. Tony and Bethany argue over Iron Man's status and Tony winds up getting drunk afterward. Later Tony visits Avengers mansion and has Capt. America train him in hand-to-hand combat, knowing that he cannot rely on his armor while he seeks the persons responsible for Kotznin's death. Recalling that Whiplash is working for a "Hammer," Tony recruits Scott Lang to find out who Hammer is. He rings the answers from Whiplash. Tony heads to Monaco to find Justin Hammer with Jim Rhodes, who insists on accompanying him. Tony and Jim follow a lead to Hammer's location, where they run into costumed men in Hammer's employ. While being chased by these men, they head to the beach where more of Hammer's men suddenly emerge from the ocean ahead of them.


  • Ed Koch, depicted in this issue, was mayor of New York City at this time.
  • This issue contains a letters page, "Printed Circuits". Letters are published from Kurt S. Olsson, Ted Colletti, and Mark Mooley.
  • As seen on page one, this issue is Story #LG 467.


Ant-Man Last Appeared in Marvel Premiere Vol 1 48 and appeared next in Iron Man Vol 1 131

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