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Appearing in "The Digital Devil"

Featured Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Mr. Jameson
  • Huk Lo
  • Charlie (First and only known appearance; dies)
  • Soo Lin Chu
  • Mr. Kim
  • Bernard Roberts (Only in flashback)
  • Grandfather Chu
  • Wo Hun-Hau

Races and Species:



Synopsis for "The Digital Devil"

Tony Stark visits the Hong Kong offices of his company and learns that four scientists recently died in the experimental computer center. As Tony investigates the scene, a flaming dragon appears and kills two guards. Tony becomes Iron Man but cannot extinguish the creature which finally departs. Tony investigates what staff may have ties to the supernatural and learns of Soo Lin Chu, whose grandfather belonged to a mystic sect. Soo Lin's fiancée Bernard was one of the first to die. She takes Tony to meet her grandfather and learns about Bernard's work. A second creature attacks them but they managed to overcome it. That night Iron Man accompanies the Chus to the computer center to exorcise the demon but discover the Roberts programmed the incantation into the computers. Iron Man battles the All-Devourer while the Chus program the exorcism into the computer, finally banishing the demon from Earth. Afterward, Soo Lin takes Tony out to McDonald's for dinner.


  • This issue contains a letters page "Printed Circuits". Letters are published from Mike Sauro, Laura Hadsall, and Kent Featherly.


  • On page one a Hong Kong native is shown wearing a Stan Lee T-Shirt.
  • On that same page, a kid from Hong Kong mistakes Iron Man for "Raideen".

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