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  • Triumph, TR-7 (Automobile)

Synopsis for "Hulk Is Where the Heart Is!"

While out for a drive, Bethany and Tony find themselves in a traffic jam caused by the Hulk. Tony becomes Iron Man to aid the police and National Guard, until the Hulk finally calms down while playing with toys, transforming back into Bruce Banner. Banner asked Iron Man to help him either be cured or killed. Iron Man spirits him back to Tony's penthouse to shelter him. Banner draws up plans for a nuclear-powered regulator that would allow him to control his heart beat preventing transformations into the Hulk. Scott Lang and Erica Sondheim successfully implant the device in Banner's chest. After exposing Banner to the emotional overlord inducement generator they are convinced that the regulator will keep the Hulk reigned in from now on. However, police arrive at Stark International and threaten to take Banner into custody. Banner tries to flee, but when an officer throws a grenade, the blast effects Banner's condition; he does not transform but instead adopts the Hulk's persona.


  • This issue contains a letters page, "Printed Circuits". Letters are published from Jamien Gau, Larry Lisowski, Andy Levin, and Mary Jo Duffy.
  • Bystanders Fred and his wife, Ethel, will appear again in Iron Man #142. Also, their child, Ricky Jr. is mentioned in that issue.


Scott Lang last appeared in Iron Man #125

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