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Synopsis for "The Hero Within"

Iron Man is unable to move his armor but with a Listener device he directs Sondheim to remove the regulator from the Hulk's chest before he wakes up. Seeing Iron Man's plight, Scott Lang becomes Ant-man and travels inside the armor to help. Although damaged areas of the armor threaten the hero's life, he manages to reattach severed cables which lock the armor down, reviving Iron Man. Ant-Man departs and Iron Man returns to being Tony Stark. He finds that Sondheim removed the regulator safely, but they still have to keep Banner from the police. Tony cunningly dresses Banner in Hal's janitor jumpsuit, leaving Hal in the Hulk's pants. Rhodes easily smuggles Banner off the site, taking him on a trip back toward the west coast.

Solicit Synopsis

Iron Man has finally beaten the Hulk...but at what cost?

  • Guest starring Ant-Man, and a very unconscious Hulk.


  • This issue contains a letters page, "Printed Circuits". Letters are pirnted from Kurt S. Olsson, Derek McCulloch, and Mark "Spike" Schussler.


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