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Quote1.png I had a bigger stake in Tony's life than you'll ever have! Quote2.png
Madame Masque to Bethany Cabe

Appearing in "Chapter III: Facades, Ruses, and Masques"

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  • Several helicopters including one mini-copter

Synopsis for "Chapter III: Facades, Ruses, and Masques"

This action packed issue opens in Derby, Connecticut with Madame Masque and two of her Dreadnoughts facing down an un-helmeted Iron Man/Tony Stark while a sedated Bethany Cabe lies helplessly in the room. The scene is disturbed as Jim Rhodes plows a tow-motor through the wall. Stark takes the opportunity to don his helmet, grab Bethany Cabe and blast through the ceiling to safety. Meanwhile, Rhodes runs for his life from the pursuing Dreadnoughts. Iron Man tells a reviving Bethany Cabe to fly a waiting helicopter to safety. However, Cabe waits until Iron Man jets back to rescue Rhodey, and promptly returns to the battle scene to confront Madame Masque. (Editor's note: Madame Masque had not only kidnapped Bethany Cabe but also severely beaten her good friend Ling McPherson last issue.) Iron Man does help rescue Rhodes from peril, but as more and more Dreadnoughts appears, he asks Rhodes to retrieve some dangerous stolen technology from Madame Masque's office. When Rhode's attempts to do so, he is intercepted by Spy-Master. Spy-Master shoots at Rhodes and takes the technology himself to later sell to the highest bidder. However, Rhodes pursues Spy-master from the compound in a helicopter.

When Spy-Master tries to run Rhodes down from the sky, he crashes, ripping the rotors off his copter, after trying to fly under a narrow overpass. Cabe meanwhile has found Madame Masque. Masque promptly tells Bethany Cabe that she and Tony Stark had been lovers and in fact Stark is Iron Man. Cabe replies that she had already deduced this and chides Masque for leaving Stark when he needed her most and precipitating Stark's descent in alcoholism. Enraged, Masque fires her pistol at Cabe. A scurrying Cabe returns fire and shoots the mask off the villainess. After seeing Masque's disfigured face, Cabe has mercy on her previous tormentor and refuses to kill her. Cabe allows her to escape as she believes she has been punished sufficiently. As this issue concludes, Stark, Rhodes, and Cabe all safely leave the compound.

Appearing in "The Human Torch Saves the Valley!"

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  • Frizone

Synopsis for "The Human Torch Saves the Valley!"

  • Synopsis not yet written


  • This issue contains a leters page, "Printed Circuits". Letters are published from Gary L. Day, Bruce Scott, Mike Lansley, and JRG.

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