Quote1.png Why don't you call me by my proper name --- Force! Quote2.png
-- Force

Appearing in "The Use of Deadly Force!"

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Synopsis for "The Use of Deadly Force!"

Tony takes Rhodes and Bethany with him as he allows Ling to recuperate at his private Caribbean island. Elsewhere, the armored villain Force captures an entire cruise ship. When Tony, Bethany, and Rhodes go scuba diving, Force attacks their yacht and steals it with Bethany. Rhodes is injured while helping Tony fight Hammer's men. Tony becomes Iron Man and battles Force and an army of Justin Hammer's men but they escape in a submersible vessel. Elsewhere in the hamlet of Allentown, Iowa, the entire population suddenly slumps over dead.


  • Tony Stark's island reteat is later referred to as "Mi Casa" in Iron Man #216.

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